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SOLD - galvanised metal bottle drying rack - 2 available


We have run out of stock for this item.

SOLD ! Vintage galvanised metal rack that was used to dry reusable glass bottles. Bottles were placed upside down on each hook and left to dry and at the same time stored neatly! Repurposed for today's life, this will make a lovely wall organiser rack, whether to hook desk utensils, coats, memorandum or kitchen utensils. We have two racks, which were and can still be attached together in a trestle shape, but we're selling both separatly.   Dimensions of the smaller one : 97.5 cm tall x 49.8 cm wide x 7.5 cm deep (incl. hooks)  | 7 rows of 5 hooks Dimensions of the taller on : 106.5 cm tall x 49.8 wide x 7.5 cm deep (incl. hooks) | 8 rows of 5 hooks Materials: galvanised metal Weight: approx. 4-5 kgs ready to be shipped   No discount code can be used on this product.

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