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Consultancy services



About us

Cachette is our second online retail store in over 15 years and we also have 15 years of Marketing experience each in growth strategies, brand building, innovation and new businesses. We both worked at Virgin and Delphine who started at Unilever has also worked at Coca-Cola, Yoplait and Tetley. She also oversaw the business plan of Teapigs from the idea stage to pitching for funds, a brand now present in over 25 countries.

How about you ?

Maybe you want to launch an online retail business and you do not know where to start. Maybe you want to launch a business but simply need help to bring it all together from creating an identity, focusing your concept, developing packaging, a website and help to launch yourself.

We can assist you and be the extension of your team for as little or as long as you want. We can even be a sounding board for only an hour, if that’s all you want from us!

contact :  delphine@cachette.com

Want to do your e-shop on your own?

If you're a small business and need an e-commerce website without help, then we truly recommend you use like us the Shopify e-commerce template. Fully hosted for you, with 24h support, they have some great looking sites almost ready to go with some really good functionalities. From 29$ a month you get a website with a lot of features. And you'll always have the flexibility to become more sophisticated with extra apps as you grow with it. And if you need help tidying it after you had a go, we can always help for a few hours...

Delphine and Stephen