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100% linen pillow case (2 sizes 18 colours)


Gorgeous pillow case in 100% european linen. We particularly love the attention gone into the colours.

* square (65x65cm) or rectangle (50x70cm).

* simple envelope style with no borders and no buttons (small inside flap)

* 18 colours (see colour chart)

* one small cross embroidered in the corner

* made in Europe with Master of Linen label certification.

* Please note this product is excluded from certain coupon codes, check if unsure

Linen is a beautiful fabric that feels amazing as bedding: soft, light, comfortable, never cold like coton in winter and always refreshing in the summer. The washed and slightly creased look also means you don't need to iron it. Linen to us is the best alongside antique bed linen!

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