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100% linen pillow case simple envelope (sizes+ colours+)


EN : Gorgeous pillow case in 100% european linen. Available in square (65x65cm) or rectangle (50x70cm). Simple envelope style with small inside flap. Various colours (more choice in the square format) . One tiny cross embroidered in the corner. Made in Europe. If you were looking for the colour Aqua it is available in the fringed version.

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FR : Taie d'oreiller en lin de Bed and Philosophy. Disponible en carré 65x65cm et rectangle 50x70cm. Taie simple avec petit rabat intérieur sans boutons. Une toute petite croix brodée est aposée dans un coin. Nombreuses couleurs (un peu plus de choix en carré). Existe également en version avec bouton ou encore en version frangée. Si vous recherchiez le coloris Aqua, il est disponible en frangé à la place.

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Ref. Mellow Queens


Linen is a beautiful fabric that feels amazing as bedding: soft, light, comfortable, never cold like coton in winter and always refreshing in the summer. Grown in Europe, it is ecologically sound (local to us, requires a lot less water, needs very little dye to colour, no ironing either! It is known that night sleep can improve with a good linen set due its many natural regulating qualities. 

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