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SOLD - rare wheat basket over 1 meter wide (vintage)


Nous sommes en rupture de stock pour cet article.

This will make a superb center piece on a wall in any room!   Rare find. This impressive wicker basket sourced in Provence was called a "van", which was used to shake the wheat to seperate it from dust and unwanted straw, it was the job of the "vanneur". You will find french poemes (from Du Bellay for example) praising the work of the vanneur, and you will find the same basket in the famous painting of "Le Vanneur" (1848) by Jean François Millet at the Musée d'Orsay in Paris, which shows with precision the gesture of the work. The basket was held by hand at both ends, and with the help of the knees pushing the basket up, the wheat was repeatedly thrown in the air.   This object called "van" gave its name in the 13th century to the whole wicker artisanship called vannerie in France, before it diversified into various other everyday objects: baskets, cots etc. The object itself was already refered to by the Greek as "vannus" in which Jupiter and Mercure were believed to have slept in...   Its large size makes it ideal for decorative use on the wall but could also be used on the floor to store logs or (lots of) magazines...   Dimensions: Length 107cm handle to handle and 99cm at its widest without handles | Width 74.5cm at its widest | Depth 23cm at its widest.   Materials: wicker   No discount code can be used on this product.

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