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-5€ avec le code NY23 dès 40€ d'achats // Livraison France 7,50€ (ou 4,90€ pour les envois légers) // info@cachette.com

Our story

We are Stephen and Delphine, an Anglo-French couple who, after spending 10 years living and working in London, changed everything and moved to the South of France to start a new life and a new business.


We have put our common passion for a certain lifestyle, great design and great food into this shop. We want to sell things of simple beauty that have an everyday use, from home accessories and childrens gifts to kitchen accessories and fine gourmet food.


Nothing on our site is produced on an industrial scale and 90% of products in the shop are made in Europe. We get a much greater satisfaction from the knowledge that these products have come from a variety of young designers, unknown artisans or old heritage manufactures from Europe rather than all shipped from far away !


In the shop you’ll find a happy mix of timeless, simple, functional products and colourful, playful finishing touches. We have selected products that have touched us or made us smile, particularly admiring products that are uncomplicated, designed to their simplest perfection.


We hope you will enjoy the simplicity of the intention behind our shop and the products we've selected for you. We’d love to know what you think about our shop, or anything else you think we might find interesting.


Delphine and Stephen


Delphine and Stephen also work as freelance business and marketing consultants.  We both have many years experience working for large brands like Virgin, Coca Cola and Unilever as well as working on our own businesses.  We are completely flexible and can be a an extra resource on the smallest task, to a major strategy project.  Email us at info@cachette.com