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Wire word of your choice (price per letter)


Decorative hand written wire word. Perfect for names, favourite quotes and inspirational words. You can buy your own word(s) or choose from a few already made. Allow 7-10 days for production of your own word.     Dimensions: as an example the word "wish" is 34cm long. The valves are 5 cm high for small words and are 3cm high for words of 7 letters or more.   The price is 3 euros per character. Simply adjust the quantity as needed. If you need " merry christmas" adjust quantity to 14. Then communicate to us your word(s) in the comment box at the checkout. Apostrophes need to be counted as character. A space does not count as a character and punctuation is not currently possible. Words will be linked together unless the sentence is too long, in which case they will be separated in groups (see la joie de vivre picture). All letters will be lower case.

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