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Sculptural light "Animaux"


Beautiful sculptural lights of animals. Entirely made by hand and to order by duo behind Papier à Etres who master the poetry of paper... Each piece is unique and the creation of the artist. So whilst you may choose a rabbit, the piece you receive may vary slightly in terms of posture, expression, clothes but they all stay within the same aesthetics. Approx. 50-60cm tall.

There are 7 animals you can choose from. If you have another animal of interest, we may be able to discuss it with the artists. Note that the third animal on the right of the main picture is a bird with a feather collar. Allow between 10-12 weeks before dispatch. Supplied with 2 meters of see-through cable, french- plug, and switch on the cable. Made in Europe (France).

We sell all designs by Papier à Etres, if you do not see the one you like on our website, simply contact us and we will help!


Sculpture  lumineuse en papier . 50-60cm de hauteur. Choix de 7 animaux. au choix. Compter 10-12 semaines avant départ pour livraison. envoi.  Cable de 2m, interrupteur et prise française. . Fait main. Chaque pièce est unique. Aucun animal ne se ressemble complètement, la posture, l'expression et les habits peuvent légèrement varier...

Nous vendons tous les modèles de Papier à êtres. Si il y en a un que vous ne voyez pas contactez nous ici