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Lilac linen tablecloth with contrasting hand-stitched detail (2 sizes)


Linen tablecloth by Bed and Philosophy in a lovely subtle lilac colour with a contrasting hand-stitched detail.  Two sizes available. 170x170cm or 200x300cm. Also available are table mats and napkins.  Made in Europe.

Please note : we have slight dispatch delays on items by Bed and Philosophy (4 to 10 days before we can ship) so to apologise for this we are offering you -10% discount if you use the promo code BED21 on any Bed and Philosophy. 

Want something from Bed and Philosophy that you can't find on our site? Get in touch... 


Nappe en lin couleur lilas de Bed and Philosophy avec un point contrastant fait main au centre. Deux tailles 170x170cm or 200x300cm. Bords finis avec un mini bourdon. Fabriqué en Europe. Des sets de table assortis et des serviettes de table sont aussi disponibles.


ref Blondie Handmade