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handcrafted linen paper lightpapier a etre- Cachette
Sculptural light paper "Mademoiselle"papier a etre- Cachette
Cornet suspension light in glazed porcelainTse Tse- Cachette
Suspension linen paper light "Moulins"papier a etre- Cachette
Handmade ceramic fruit bowlCharlotte Storrs- Cachette
Large 80x80cm linen cushion cover (inner also available) in 24 coloursbed and philosophy- Cachette
Reflejos linen cushion cover 50x30cm (inner available too)Maison Lévy- Cachette
Sculptural light "Hors de sa robe"papier a etre- Cachette
Cornet clip on light in glazed porcelainTse Tse- Cachette