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"Bottiglie" square linen cushion cover (2 sizes - inner available too)


EN - You can buy the cushion cover on its own or with the feather inner. Cushion cover in 100% linen printed with a beautiful detail by Nina Bonomo for Maison Levy. The backing is in pure plain linen. Available in 2 squarish sizes : - 34 x 34 cm - 50 x 50 cm. Also available now as rectangle here.  Made in Europe (France)No shipping to the USA, sorry, this is due to exclusive partnerships the brand has in the USA...


FR - Housse de coussin en 100% lin imprimé. Créée et fabriquée en France.
La face est imprimée d'un motif de Nina Bonomo pour Maison Levy. Son dos, permettant de la déhousser, est en lin naturel. Option d'acheter le coussin plume. 34 x 34 cm ou 50 x 50 cm.  Aussi disponible maintenant en rectangle ici.