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We ship from France || Contact info@cachette.com || 5€ off with code NY23 from 40€

Black charcoal bedlinen made in Portugal with 100% french linen (options+)


Beautiful charcoal black bedlinen made in 100% washed linen that is grown in northern France and then woven and finished in northern Portugal. 

You can select from the menu everything you need :

- pillow cases envelope style : 50x70cm or 65x65cm 

- duvet covers closed with buttons : 200x200cm; 240x220cm; 260x240cm (the duvet cover comes with inside ribbons in the top corners to secure your duvet if you wish to...see photo)

- fitted sheets for mattresses up to 30cm deep (you will find two labels to help you find the short and the long side... who hasn't mixed them up ?!)

If you also need a flat sheet for the summer or because you like to have a sheet under your duvet, it is available in white here

Details:  Certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex. The linen is a generous 195g/m2. Collection carefully put together by La Chambre Paris. Please allow a few days before we can ship bedlinen.

You will find more colours in this collection (charcoal, blue, sandy beige, pink, white...) but also other colours by Bed and Philosophy. Do not hesitate to view here the full palette, we have more than 10 colours in total! You can even pick and mix among these beautiful 100% linen collections, there are no rules!

Photos La Chambre Paris

Linen is for us the most eco-friendly natural fabric, alongside hemp, that you can use if like us you live in Europe. Indeed, linen grows on our lands, requires hardly any water other than rain in the field (does not need extensive irrigation like cotton), needs very little dye to take on colours, requires no or little chemical products in the field and does not need ironing! The landscape with the famous blue flowers it produces is beautiful too! It is also wonderful for our sleep quality. Many people will say they sleep better with linen. The fabric breathes and regulates heat. It has known properties such as antibacterial, making it feel fresher for longer...allowing to postpone washing it. It is also hypoallergenic for people with sensitive skin. Linen copes very well with washing machine wash, better than many fabrics, and gets softer. We don't recommend the use of any softner that could clog the natural breathability of the fabric, use white vinegar if your water is hard. Enjoy!